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Newsies Jr.

Music by

Alan Menken

Lyrics by

Jack Feldman

Book by

Harvey Fierstein

Based on the Disney Film

Written by Bob Tzudiker and Noni White

Originally Produced on Broadway by

Disney Theatrical Productions


Lena Boyd

Assistant Directors

Ashley Baker

Brett Estenoz

Preston Raymer

Disney's Newsies JR.

Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.


The Audience of One

Production of:

Newsies Jr.

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Director's Notes
Director's Notes.png

A Note From the Director

Lena Boyd.jpg

Lena Boyd


Director's Notes


Over the past eight years, my life has been deeply involved with the junior musicals at Capitol Theatre.  Directing the productions with the help of wonderful assistants, Ashley Baker, Brett Estenoz and most recently Preston Raymer, has been a passion that has brought me such joy.  I am blessed and honored! Watching young performers grow, develop their talents, and shine on stage has been incredibly rewarding.


I would like to say a special thank you to Angie Dee for entrusting me and my amazing team with the junior musicals.  Because of her vision for AOO, hundreds of children have had the opportunity to learn and express themselves on stage.  Thank you also to Bob and Pam Black for providing a beautiful place for this community to call home.


Among the many productions I’ve directed, Newsies Jr. stands out as a particularly remarkable one. The story line and music of the show, combined with the extraordinary talent of these kids, have made it a summer I will never forget. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of these talented kids for the entire eight years, and could not be more proud of their dedication, enthusiasm, and growth.  


The story of Newsies Jr. is one that is so important and relevant: that some things are worth going hungry for, AND that our children are the future. I hope it moves and inspires you. Likewise, I hope you have as much fun watching this show as we have had working on it! 


Seize the day!

About Audience of One

Written by Bethany Harrison

Audience of One is listed as a non-profit on paper, but it is a mission field at heart, with a focus rooted much more on purpose than profit seeking entertainment. More so than sporting events, nightclubs or dining experiences, the theatre provides a canvas for not only connection, but for change. Audience of One not only capitalizes on the transformative power of the theatre, but does so for the love of all and for the One which love is named; focusing heavily on the empowerment of the artists who participate in the productions. An artist centered focus, under the umbrella of the overwhelming love of God, attracts a wide variety of artists and audience members, from every walk of life.


That is something that Angie Dee, founder of AOO, credits as the lifeblood of the organization: “There are so many people, from every walk of life, that simply just need to know they are loved. They need to connect with people and know that every single person’s story matters, and the theatre provides a mechanism to tell vast amounts of people ‘you matter. You are not alone.’ That’s why we pour so much heart into what we do. We aren’t only offering an activity for families to do together in the community, we are offering a space for the human heart to connect and create, which is something innate in every single person. We were all designed with creativity in mind, and the stage allows large groups of people to intimately connect in a shared creative experience that is immersive and transformative”.


In other words, one simply cannot leave the doors of the theatre the same. That, for the artists and directors at AOO, is ministry at its finest. Marketing Director and AOO performer Bethany Harrison notes: “The beauty of the Gospel is that it meets us where we are, and invites us to change through the ultimate display of love. If we let it, the stage has a beautiful way of making the reality of that gift-the unfailing love of God- come to life with every bit of text, music, and choreography that is displayed on the stage through storytelling, even if the name of God is never mentioned. The stage asks hard questions. It gives us a lens into different ways of life. It provokes us to think and take action and change, hopefully, for the better. More than anything, it gives us a space to sit in another person’s story for a bit and make it our own. And in turn that makes us all a little more introspective and a little more compassionate.”


to Fakes and Hooker for the love, support, and friendship.

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Musical Numbers.png


Musical Numbers


Santa Fe Prologue

Carrying the Banner

Carrying the Banner (Reprise)

Just a Pretty Face

The World Will Know

Watch What Happens

Seize the Day (Part 1)

Seize the Day (Part 2)

Santa Fe/Letter From the Refuge

King of New York

Brooklyn’s Here

Seize the Day (Reprise)

Once and For All


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Cast + Crew
Cast and Crew.png

Cast & Creative Team


Jack Kelly
Beckett Youngman

Jonah Willis

Jake Maxwell

Wesley Hendricks

Riley Clements

Caiah Steves

Alexandria Plummer

Ava Baker

Belle Amos

Aubrey Baker

Tommy Boy
Olivia Youngman

Ty Roy

Jo Jo
Emma Eaker

Ella Vignon

Rebekah Smith

Oscar Delancey
Declan Bush

Morris Delancey
Brycen Hamlett

Ephraim Krawitz

Molly Sanderson

Jack McLaughlin

Joseph Pulitzer
Ethan Hail

Hudson Hawks

Sophie Holden

Noah Drudge

Police Officer
Conner Keltonic

Media Larkin
Macy Shipley

Sadie Current

Ava Baker

Emma Eaker

Olivia Youngman

Emerson Hertel

Charley Robinson

Livy Pilote

Spot Conlon
Everly Lusk

Emelyne Floyd

Hudson Hawks

Governor Theodore Roosevelt
Ephraim Krawitz

Newsies Ensemble
Sophie Ambrefe
Benen Bush
Britton Jorgenson
Ellen McLaughlin
Madeline Piercey
Eve Willis
Sofia Willis

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Show Sponsor

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production Team


Lena Boyd

Music Director

Lena Boyd

Assistant Directors

Ashley Baker

Brett Estenoz

Preston Raymer

Stage Manager

Morgan Sherrill


Isaac Diehl

Morgan Heim

Breckyn Jorgenson

Gaines Odom


Josh Piercey


Tanner Roman


Ava Baker

Tap Choreographer

James Nelson

Set Paintings

Emma Groves


Angie Dee and Paul Dee


Show Sponsor

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Upcoming Shows

July, 2024




Fiddler on the Roof

Performs July 18th - 28th

August, 2024

Upcoming Auditions

Upcoming Auditions for 

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

White Christmas are in person on

August 25th 1pm - 10pm

Accepting Video Submissions In Lieu of Initial / Due by August 24th

For audition destails, please visit

SBSB WC Auditions.png



Seven Brides:

August 26th, 6pm - 10pm

White Christmas:

September 4th, 6pm - 10pm

October 2024

7 Brides Promo Art.png

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Performs October 17th - 27th, 2024


Back by popular demand, Audience of One Productions brings this hilarious crowd favorite back to the Capitol Theatre Stage!  Based on the classic film, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers  is an authentic piece of Americana, a time-tested romantic comedy with a special, contemporary relevance. Bringing the raucous Oregon front The men in question are Adam and his six unruly brothers, who think they know what a woman's place is and how to keep her there. It takes Milly, Adam's spirited new wife, and six other savvy women to show them who's the boss. As a film, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers delighted audiences with its whirlwind romances, memorable songs, and iconic choreography, and this energetic and adventurous staged version does the same.  Saddle up for a joyride in this tale of stubborn men and cunning women.

December, 2024

White Christmas.webp

White Christmas

Performs December 5th - 15th, 2024

Our amazing


Newsies Jr.

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Fakes & Hooker

Ballet Adora


Director's Circle Members

Paul and Angie Dee

Standing Ovation Society Members

Capitol Theatre (Bob & Pam Black)
Tab Kirkland

Fakes and Hooker

Lebanon Breakfast Rotary Club

Ballet Adora

Ovation Society Members

Julie Miller Body Kneads

HCA Healthcare

Daryll and Becky Cansler

Robert & Pat Fields

Tara and Richard Beard

Norma Dee

TN Arts Commission

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting

Applause Society Members

Charles Bridges

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Network for Good

Child Advocacy Center

Lena Boyd

Brett Estenoz

Ashley Baker

Ted and Arlyn Cherney

Patron Society Members

Rachel Vail

Wendell Couch

We Appreciate everyone who came and gave at our Fundraising Gala!

Our amazing


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